Spirituality & the Human Energy Field, Day-Long Workshop

Saturday october 6, 2018

Jacksonville Beach

Author of “Blessed with Energy”, Marcy Meyers, joins Leah Hudson and Randall Segal of the Living Resilience Project to go deeper into the work of self discovery with this one-day workshop on Spirituality and the Human Energy Field.  Our bodies are inherently resilient and strive for health and well-being. In this moment our Body-Mind-Spirit is being challenged to keep pace with these fast changing times.

Combining their knowledge and understanding of Spirituality and the Human Energy Field these three inspirational educators will open up new doors to your understanding of how to achieve personal well-being honoring your deeply held beliefs and how they interact with your human energy field.

In this exciting program we will discuss how images and beliefs affect our lives. Using the principles of spiritual resilience, energetic resilience and the three C's of Bio-Energetics. We will explore these concepts and engage in experientials to deepen your knowledge of your Multi-Dimensional-Self, supporting you to create your highest and best self determined life well lived.

Join us to ignite your powers of resilience!

Minimum 10
Registration Deadline September 21

Marrywood Retreat Center

Marrywood Retreat Center

pathway to resilience for cancer survivors

September 14–16, 2018

Marrywood Retreat Center in St Johns, Florida

Cancer isn’t fun…it can be depressing and there can be a gift in the cancer journey.

Join Living Resilience Project’s “Pathway to Resilience for Cancer Survivors” to explore the hidden gift(s) possible witin your cancer experience. Build your capacity for resilience and illuminate your path toward a more joyous and fulfilling life.

ALL-INCLUSIVE Registration includes:

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  • All Meals

  • All Programming

*Single occupancy lodging available for additional charge